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game play like tetris dungeo


how do i download / play?


hes too smart


Hi, I tried to play in multiplayer , I hosted but my friend was unable to join me, I guess that's because I didn't opened the port, but the game never tell me which port I have to open ?

Hi, the port is 666. I've also released a new version which adds this into the UI.

My friend (on windows 10) tried to join my game ( I'm on Ubuntu 16.04) and he got the message "Destination unreachable".

This looks like a great game but I can't download it on the desktop app.

I had a quick look at this over the weekend, and it doesn't appear possible to release an app-ready standalone java archive. I'm pretty sure I need to package everything (including java) into a fully standalone executable. This is achievable, but unfortunately more work than I want to commit to for a throwaway jam game. If I work out a process for doing this for future games, I'll probably revisit this game with the same improvement. For now, Sorry!

ok so it kind of works now, but i only see the loading screen when i open it

Enter, Esc and Spacebar all continue to the main menu - these don't work for you?

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it worked. sorry for the inconvenience

whenever i open it, it keeps opening the thing like 1000 times per second and closing it again

Thanks for the report! I managed to fix this, and a new version is available for download.

There is some functionality that resets the window to 1024x768 if it's ever resized below those dimensions. On tight monitors (such as a 1366x768 laptop, minus some space for the taskbar) it can get caught in a reset loop. Any sized window is now allowed. At smaller sizes, some UI elements might go out of window bounds but everything should fit as long as it isn't significantly smaller than that minimum.

OK I will be-download it and sew if it works.  Thank you 😊

I love this game. I'm keen to try out the two player mode, but the network stuff didn't seem to work on OSX. Single player worked perfectly though!

Thanks! Im sorry but I dont have access to an osx device to troubleshoot with directly, but I suspect the cause to be a blocking firewall on either or both devices. SH uses port 666 so opening that up might do the trick.

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Single player, dismissed a 2x Bonelings summoning circle with 2 dead bonelings between rounds and this happened.  Windows 10, Java 8 Update 181.  Can't seem to reproduce, but wanted to give you a heads up.  Nice game so far  :)